The Altar…part two

I made it down the aisle. I didn’t fall (didn’t even trip). My fiance – VERY soon to be my husband – didn’t look me in the eye. He looked away from me. He kept it together quite nicely. I. Did. Not.


He took a small step toward me and grabbed my hand. I was shaking. He was calm. I remembered that even though I was feeling a little nutty about the day and the fact that I had no idea how to be someone’s wife (more or less how to be a good one), it wasn’t just about me. It was about us.

At the altar. 10.11.12

He finally looked me in the eye. While the pastor prayed, we kept eye contact. Calm rushed over me (although the cool breeze and general idea that 100 of our closest friends and family were watching us kept me a little jittery).

Our pastor read Ephesians 5:22-33. We exchanged vows (that we did not write ourselves). We exchanged rings. We took communion. We looked into each other’s eyes more than we ever have.

And then…

“You may kiss your bride!”

And the people cheered! They were loud! But then they got real quiet. I’m pretty sure it was just in my head. I felt arms around me. Lips on mine. And love all through my body.

I was married. I am married.

I just committed my life to another person. Committed. Made a covenant. This is no small matter. This is what God has done to us. This is what He has called me to. I’m blessed to have a partner who will make my life more productive for His Kingdom.

The altar was amazing. I’m so excited for forever.

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