Just Because

I love surprises. The anticipation of something good happening is so exhilarating for me! But the shock of a “just because” surprise makes me smile really big!

My husband knows this. When it’s my birthday, he tells me that he has something for me and no matter how much I ask, he won’t tell me what it is! If he did tell me, I’d probably be really disappointed because I love the fun surprise!

Sometimes he just shows up with sushi rolls and a movie and we hang. That is one of my favorite surprises! The other day, I got one of the prettiest surprises that I don’t get very often: flowers.

My “just because” flowers – a few days old

Half a dozen white roses. He didn’t do anything that he was trying to make up for. He wasn’t trying to butter me up for bad news. He was just showing me he loves me. Putting action behind the words that he confessed.


One thought on “Just Because

  1. Things like that should always be treatured. I got some flowers the other day too. Yep I was surprised. God is showing me how to love again. What a wonderful feeling!
    Cherish this. Never take it for granted. God loves you and so does Darius. Nice place to be.

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