My Clutter Clearing Commitment – Week One

It’s time for me to share some truth: my kitchen is not done. Sad day. However, I have some excuses and a learned lesson from this first week in organizing fun.

Hanging shelves on walls is significantly more difficult than hanging pictures. I bought my first stud finder, but I still need wall anchors (not the plastic ones that come with the Target shelves). Not every screw will be in a stud. Where no studs are available I need the wall anchors to make it strong enough to hold the things that I want it to.

My new toys and tools

My husband is not as into it as I am. He is a loving, gracious man, but after a week of listening to me talk about shelves, he was pretty much done. He looked at all the kitchen ideas I found on Pinterest and other places online with me. One day, he (kindly) let me know that whatever I did was fine. However, he still went to Target with me to purchase shelves.

I might be getting sick. I am holding strong to the idea that words have power. Therefore, I am not getting sick! That is coming off as denial in most situations considering that my sore throat is making it difficult to talk, my head hurts, and all I want to do is sleep. My potential sickness has kept me from being productive. Sickness mixed with going to work has put a damper on my plans.

All this to say, my kitchen is not uncluttered and my plan to have things done today has failed. I shall persevere! Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow because I have the whole day off to finish it up.

Pray for me to get it done! I’m still committed!!

Next week: the bathroom.

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