The Election is Over

The election is over! My boycott of Facebook and Twitter can end! I can finally look on those sites and see uplifting statuses about people’s dogs, children, new husbands, and the like.

Or so I thought.

I saw a status today that made me so sad. I knew there would be a few more lagging election statuses this afternoon, but this was the worst. It was discouraging and didn’t speak Truth. But it was from someone who claimed to know the One who is the Truth.

It reminded me that we are not perfect people. We are a broken people who must realize our desperate need for a Savior. Marriage can do that. Election time can do it. Facebook can do it. But then what?

When I am reminded of my need, I go to Him. I cast my cares on Him. I text my friends who are mature in the faith and get a little advice and encouragement. It’s important to have people who can help to lead me to Christ.

Find a mentor. Make a friend who is a little ahead of you in life (timeline, maturity in faith, etc.) and spend time together. Share your lives. Learn from each other.


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