One month

It’s official. We have been married for one month.

One month ago today I was eating chicken ‘n waffles with four of my best girlfriends and Jason (my photographer and friend). One month ago today everyone was fussing over me to help get me beautiful. One month ago today I sat in a bathroom for over thirty minutes waiting to be summoned to walk down the aisle. I held onto my daddy’s arm tightly. I whispered in his ear, “don’t let me fall.” I made my way down the aisle and married my best friend in the world.


The month hasn’t been all I’ve expected. It’s been more. (Although I’ve put a lot of work into not having expectations because Andy Stanley says that expectations are the killer of intimacy). We are learning to live life together. To be a “we.” That neither of our lives are just about ourselves anymore. We are learning what it looks like to have God in the center. We are learning. Every day.

So far the lessons haven’t been too difficult. We have mostly been floating in the love cloud that I’d assume most newlyweds enjoy. Even in the cloud – or the honeymoon stage if you prefer – we are learning. We figure (at least I figure and it seems that we are on the same page) that even though it’s easy right now, we should be learning. Then when it’s difficult, it won’t be as difficult.

One month. One month of marital bliss. And all that entails. One month of my new life. I love it!

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