My Clutter Clearing Commitment – the Kitchen (finally)

Today, I turned up *NSync Pandora (I wanted to listen to Christmas music but decided not to torture my loving husband in that way) and finished the kitchen…finally!

Of course, now my hands reek of apple cider vinegar, because I put some with water in a plastic bowl and set it in the microwave for 5 minutes to make it super easy to clean. It worked, but then I put my towel in the bowl to clean other areas of my kitchen. Everything is clean! And smells like vinegar.

Anyway, the fun stuff!

We are renters with a small kitchen and no dining room. I needed extra storage to make my kitchen more manageable. The dining table area was becoming a place to put stuff. All the stuff was accumulating where we should be able to sit and eat. Ugh!


Shelves seemed like the best way to use the walls to have more space in this room. So, I headed to Target and bought two shelves (they were in one box) and a coat rack to use this space better. A coat rack in the kitchen?! Yes! For my new pots and pans!


Organizing this way gave me more space in other areas of the kitchen and it looks so much better!  I had one closet with a bunch of stuff shoved in. Now, the pots and pans are hanging and the non-stick bakeware is under the oven in the broiling drawer.

The sink is a double sink, but there is not much space on either side of it. The counters are nearly invisible – which is even more apparent when there is stuff everywhere.


So, I cleaned it up and now everything has a home!


There is no before photo for this, because it was just a blank space. But I found this little white thing at Goodwill for $3! So, I decided to make it into a spice rack! It’s perfect and clears up a lot of space in the cupboard!

Spice rack

How proud of me are you? Just over a week later than originally planned, but here it is! My tidy, uncluttered, and even (dare I say) cuter kitchen! Did you do anything fun to your kitchen this week?


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