I read this thing once (or twice, or a hundred times) about how I need to respect my husband. The first few weeks of our first year married class we learned about this book called Love and Respect. It talks about how men need to be respected and women need to be loved. Good, practical, helpful stuff in that class. Not the first time, but one of the most significant times I heard it was on our wedding day.


Ephesians 5

That seems simple enough. He loves me. I respect him. I love him, so why would I not want to respect him? Aww…bliss.

But then…

One word. One sentence. One phrase that wasn’t meant as a dig – but feels like one – makes me want to throw respect out the door!

He made a comment about how I don’t refill the water purifier. Well, there may be some truth in that. I don’t always refill it unless it’s completely empty. I’m not as passionate about the whole water purifier system as he is. It wasn’t said maliciously or as some kind of way to put me down. But it bugged me.

For a moment, I wanted to respond – poorly. I wanted to yell and tell him that he doesn’t do stuff too! “What about that time you didn’t put the toothpaste back into the basket?! You left it on the sink and I had to put it away!!” Not only would it have been petty, but it would have been disrespectful and caused unnecessary tension in our relationship.

So, I chose to keep my mouth shut. It became an opportunity to show respect to my husband and therefore give honor to God. It became a moment that shows glory to Him instead of making my life all about me and how I feel (always with those unreliable emotions).

I have plenty of moments when this is not what happens. Don’t get me wrong here. I have plenty to learn about being a wife and being a follower of Christ. Every day I learn something new. But it’s these moments. The small ones. The ones that are easy to overlook when they go smoothly, but can cause huge issues if handled incorrectly, that can build up our relationships and give honor to our Father in Heaven.

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