Our First *Married* Christmas

This year was different. The carolers caroled. The lights were bright. The food was yummy. All these things remained the same. We exchanged gifts (kudos to the hubby for getting me Dance Central 3) before going anywhere. We drove over an hour to his parent’s house and stayed four days. But this year it was different.

This year we were married.

This year I was not his girlfriend. I was his wife. I was the daughter-in-law. I was the sister-in-law. I was not a beloved girlfriend with people asking, “do you think you’ll get married?” Nope! All that was done! I was the wife! And it was wonderful!

I sang karaoke (because that’s how we get down on Christmas). We wobbled. Shuffled. Slid. And it was all great because I am the wife. I am the misses. I got a gift addressed to “Darius’ wife.” Know what I got from her last year? Nothing! I didn’t take it personally and I was genuinely surprised and thankful this year, but it made all the difference, because I was the wife.

And next year? I’ll be the wife. And there’s no going back from that.


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