Brag On My Lord

I thought I’d take this time to brag on my Lord (as Trip Lee would say). A couple weeks ago I got the biggest reminder of His faithfulness ever. Maybe not ever, but definitely big. Unexpected. Slap me right in the face and make all the tears come down my face reminder.

I was in the car listening to K-Love (feel free to judge me, but sometimes it’s exactly what I need) and the song Bless the Lord, O My Soul came on the radio. I love this song! As I was driving, I thought, we should sing this at Westover more. I think that we sung it once before, but that’s about it.

The husband and I were having a less than perfect married weekend. I was stressed and went to church alone that morning. I sought out my mentor, Lara, and sat in front of her and her husband during the service (instead of sitting where I normally do). I don’t know what we sang first, but the next song I heard when I got there – late – was Bless the Lord, O My Soul.

Immediately, the tears began. I remembered my thoughts in the car. It was my reminder that my Father in Heaven not only hears me, but is listening. I raised my hands and worshiped Him with everything in me.

Every time I hear this song now, I am reminded. He loves me. He is listening. He is faithful – even when I am not. Even when I am being a whiny wife instead of a respectful one. Even when I am not prioritizing Him each morning. Even when I cry instead of pray. Even in a large church service where it’s easy to feel lost in the crowd.

He is there. He is faithful. He is worth being bragged on.

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