The Facebook Status that Saddened Me at 9am

The rule reads as follows: No Facebook, email, Twitter, television, text replies, or the like until after the morning cup of tea and one-on-one time with the Lord.

I believe that is a great rule! I made it for myself. I made it to ensure that I would not allow the world to get to me before God got to me (or I got to Him). I made it because it’s the best way to begin my day. This morning, however, I broke the rule.

Timing my morning is key to not watching the water heat up in the microwave. Usually the timing is perfect; this morning it was not. While my yellow mug was in the microwave, I decided to look up a recipe for whole wheat protein pancakes. But when I opened my laptop, I got sidetracked – immediately. Out of habit, I opened Facebook first.

My heart was saddened immediately.

One of the first comments I read: I swear some “Christians” are the worst human beings ever! Claim to be holy but do the most evil things. There would be more saved people if these so called “Christians” would lead by example. Remember this phrase, “What would Jesus do?”

Oh no! This is what she had to say on Facebook at 9am?! It made me sad. It made me think. Was she missing something? Or were we? The chances are it’s a little bit of both, but I think it’s best to concentrate on ourselves first.

She has a point in saying to “lead by example.” We let our love show first. Then people will see our God. That is not to say never to speak. Jesus spoke to all kinds of people all the time. Remember that what you say can have a lasting affect on a person and how that person sees God. Are we representing a lie? Or are we representing the Truth? Are we claiming we love Christ then in every action and decision making it clear to the masses that it’s all talk? Or are we speaking the Truth in love and praying for our enemies?

I realize that our faith will upset and intimidate people. Either belief or fear will occur, but either way a response will come. We do not have any control over their responses, but we have control over our actions, words, and how we love.

This morning my quiet time was cut short, but my prayer time was lengthened as I prayed for my friend who think that Christians are the worst human beings ever. Please join me in praying for her today.

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