Beyonce…I’m Disappointed

The cool thing to do today is to blog about the Super Bowl, so allow me to jump on that bandwagon.

My favorite part was not the commercials, the intense ending (which I missed because I opted to catch up on Scandal during the second half), or the halftime show. It was the commentary via facebook and twitter. Jon Acuff may have had the funniest of everyone that I saw, but he is a professional. Funny flows from him like the green slime on Nickelodeon. But the friends that I actually know had some interesting things to say.

I saw everything from “, making it uncomfortable to watch television with your parents” to general outrage about play calling. Then Beyonce came on. My news feed blew up! Most of my facebook friends love her! Which was reiterated when I was called a “hater” for making a status that said, “Beyonce…I’m disappointed. Wear clothes.” Sure, the comment was all in good fun and no feelings were hurt, but I’m not sure how much we should be standing up for that performance.

Let’s think about all the people who look up to Beyonce. Women, teenagers, and little girls of all ages look up to her. They want to be like her. They think that she is the best thing that has happened to music and entertainment since Frank Sinatra (if they even know who that is). They don’t only look up to her, they worship her. If she says it, if she does it, then it must be okay. It must be good. Because she’s Beyonce.

Beyonce Knowles

I’m not sorry to say that isn’t true. She is a person. A flawed one. I’d like to say just like the rest of us, but it might be worse. Why? Because she is an icon. Because people look up to her. Because when she calls herself a Christian then goes on national televisions half naked in skin-tight leather, rubbing herself sensually to entice the audience knowing that families are watching the show it sends the wrong message. Because she spent more time trying to be sexy than she did actually singing. Because she can’t let her talent speak for itself and show off her singing and dancing skills and simply put on a great show with lots of pyrotechnics and an all girl band. Because her microphone was so much louder than Kelly and Michelle’s that we couldn’t even hear them. Because all that she could have been doing during that show was overpowered by her near-nudity and raunchy moves.

“With great power comes great responsibility” (Uncle Ben – Spiderman). Beyonce should consider this. Last night was only fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes did not change the world, but it could have. Instead, it was more of the same junk that is fed to us every day. I’m sad to say it again, but I’m disappointed.

They should have hired Taylor Swift.

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