Stop It, Wives!

I haven’t been married long – just about four months. I’m not a professional and I don’t know everything. I get irritated sometimes and don’t understand everything my husband does or says.


Talking down to him is not okay. Wives, stop emasculating your husbands! Stop disrespecting him! Especially in public! Show some respect. Choose to submit and allow him to lead you. He loves you! He married you! Here’s your chance to show him that you trust him! Don’t treat him like he’s stupid. Don’t let American society (which has a strong tendency to extreme feminism and beating down men) determine how you treat your husband. Let God do His work!

Maybe it isn’t my place to say. Maybe I’m really just preaching to myself because my mind sometimes goes where it shouldn’t. Sometimes I beat him down in my own my mind and I can’t get control of my thoughts. Sometimes I hate myself for not having grace for him in every moment. Every moment. 

I hold him to a higher standard. It’s because I love him. It’s because I want more for him. It’s because I’m following him and I want him to go where I want to go. But it’s  not up to me. It’s up to him. It’s up to God.

My job is to trust. My job is to submit. My job is to encourage and lift him up. I can’t lift him up while I’m beating him down – not even in my mind. Take every thought captive. Choose my words. Remember my role and live it out. Respect my husband and pray for him. Trust him. Trust God.


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