Late Night Questions

It’s quiet right now. I’m sitting on the sofa just after midnight. The television is off. The husband is in bed. All I hear are the sounds of the heat coming on and my typing. It’s a relaxing and calming environment. Too bad my mind won’t relax.

I can’t stop thinking about things that I’ve read, things that I’ve heard. I can’t stop thinking about things that I’ve said, things that I haven’t. Constantly bombarded with images and ideas from every angle, I can’t figure out what to believe. This is not a faith issue, but sometimes it is. People use the same verse to make different points. I read it and come up with a different idea. People blame their parents for their misunderstandings, but refuse to take any responsibility for themselves as adults.

People call other people “judges” but refuse to look at themselves as they make those claims. If I love you, I can’t lie to you. Avoiding the Truth to coddle your feelings is not love. Telling you the Truth even when it stings a bit, is love. It’s not judgement.

Are people inherently evil? Or good? Our hearts are prone to deception (Jeremiah 17:9) and everyone is a sinner (Romans 3:23), but we are made in God’s image (Genesis 1:27). So, what should we conclude?

Should our politics be based on our faith? Is it wrong to compartmentalize our lives if we are really following Jesus? Should we homeschool? Or is it bad because all homeschool kids are “weird”? How long should I wait to have children? How many should I have? How many can I have before people start treating me like something is wrong with me? Should we adopt? How important is home ownership? When should that be a focus? Why do people some people have it so much easier than I do? Why? What? How?

My mind!!! There it goes. Away it goes. In all the directions that it doesn’t need to go. In all the ways that God will show me what He wants for me in time. What am I worried about? Why do I insist on thinking too much? Worrying too much? Is it a sign of discontentment? Is it wrong to wonder how my life will be, want more information, and use the Word of God for discernment?

I don’t think so. Tonight, I think that it’s a result of reading a blog that I disagreed with. Tonight, my mind is overwhelmed with confusion while basking in God’s goodness. We don’t have to understand it all, because He does.

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