Jesus, My Cell Phone, and Me

If it weren’t for hate, I would feel nothing for my phone. It constantly presses buttons on it’s own and the screen moves around and links open and calls are made that I have not requested! How frustrating! Today, as I was trying to text a friend, my phone would not allow me to use it how I wanted. Then, I thought, why can’t you work the way you were created to? 


That is a heavy statement to speak of a cellular phone. It made me think of God. Jesus came to earth for a purpose. He was the only human to live His life in a way that completely fulfilled what He was sent here to do. What about me? I waste time. I waste energy. I get sidetracked and am drawn to foolishness and prone to wander. Does God look down at me and think, why can’t you work the way you were created to?

Probably not.

However, He does have a purpose for me. He wants me to be with Him and to live in that purpose. He wants me to glorify and enjoy Him. These are a few things that I can be sure of, even when I am not working how I was created. His grace is sufficient. And I need it all the time – especially when I’m not living out His purpose in every moment.

Next time my cell phone is being less than useful, I will look at my life. I will consider the moment that I am in and remember my bigger purpose in life.


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