Why I love all the non-religious easter stuff

The dining room was full of multi-colored baskets patiently waiting for the items that would fill them. In the next room over, the kitchen was filled with dozens of hard-boiled eggs and five color-filled cups for dying. On the window sills and chairs in both rooms were full of Easter-themed candy and plastic colored grass. We decorated eggs with different colors and stickers. We filled the baskets with grass, jelly beans, eggs, peeps, and chocolate eggs (among many other candies).

My grandmother led this yearly activity. On Good Friday, we would set everything out and begin on the adventure of filling baskets for almost every friend we had. Every year people knew that they would get this display of love from my family. My example of showing the love of Jesus to those around me was displayed by my grandmother every day. This was one way that she went “over the top” for others.

Decorating Easter baskets last year with a good friend

Easter baskets last year with a good friend

Sure, Easter bunnies and eggs don’t directly have anything to do with the resurrection. But we show love in the ways that we know how. Filling Easter baskets was one of the ways that my grandmother did it.

When I have children, I plan to continue this tradition. I plan to make Easter baskets with them, and going “over the top” to show people that we care. I plan to tell them the story of our Savior’s sacrifice and resurrection and what it means for our lives. My grandmother’s legacy will live on in this tradition that is dear to my heart.


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