Thousands of Years Later, It Hits Me

Every Christian has a moment when it hits them. They are reading the story, watching the movie, listening to the pastor, and all of a sudden they realize it. It overwhelms their minds and spirits and puts them on their faces before the Lord.

The moment hit me one summer as I was reading the book of Matthew. I read it as a teenager and it didn’t hit me. Now, laying on the floor of my living room, all alone, I’m reading through the first Gospel, and I see it. I see what they did to Jesus. How they treated Him. I read how they turned on Him! I read how they tried Him, beat Him, tortured Him, attempted to wash their hands of Him, and then hung Him on a cross.

It hit me that He wasn’t like me. He wasn’t just a regular guy who made mistakes. He was our perfect God in human skin. Beaten. Murdered.

Then I had another moment. This one lingered. This one affects my life today. This one stayed on my mind and my heart.

He had a choice.

Isaiah 53

He is the God of the universe. He healed the blind. He made a lame man walk. He brought a man who was dead – completely dead – back to life. He could have gotten off the cross. He could have stopped the arrest, the trial, beating, torture, and crucifixion. But He didn’t. He took it all. He endured it. He did it for me.


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