Take it seriously

If you follow me on twitter and saw my few tweets from last Sunday afternoon, you may have noticed a quote from The Blind Side. The quote was from the sports coach at the beginning of the movie. He was attempting to (and succeeding in) convincing the private school board to accept a poor boy with bad grades. In the line that stopped me in my tracks (even though I’ve seen this movie quite a few times), he says,

“Look at that wall! What does it say? Christian! We either take that seriously or we paint over it!”

Take a moment to read that again.

We live in a culture that is fighting for our devotion. They want us to believe what they say. They want us to conform to their ideals and way of thinking. They are fine if we call ourselves Christians if we don’t take it seriously. Filling in the “Christian” bubble on a survey and showing up to church on Sunday mornings is fine as long as we don’t live it out. As long as our devotion is still to them and not to the One True God.

I appeal to you therefore, brothers,

What does that mean for me? I have a decision to make. To obey – because “do not be conformed” is a command, not a suggestion – or to disobey. To choose His way or the world’s way. This isn’t a one-time choice. It’s a daily choice. A moment-by-moment choice. But it begins at one point. Is He just my Savior? Or is He my Lord? Is my marriage about me? Or about Him?

I know the answer, but knowing doesn’t matter if I don’t do. We have a choice to make.

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