Consider This: Raising a Rapist’s Child

Sitting across from a new friend, I listened to her story. A story of how her mother was raped and conceived a child. It was a story about how her mother kept that child – regardless of her emotional trauma. The story unfolded with her mother marrying the man then getting divorced. The child in the story sat across from me with pain in her eyes. She went most of her life not knowing this sad truth about her parents. But she shared it with me, laid it out on the table. Told the truth to a woman she’d met only one other time.

I didn’t ask her the question, the one that probably burns in anyone’s mind when they hear this story: how? How did your mother make that decision? Culture dictates that if a woman is raped it is perfectly legitimate to remove any remnant of child from the womb – even though we know it does not remove that child from heart or mind. How did she raise a beautiful woman who loves the Lord and is certain of herself? How? It’s a simple question without simple answers.

I’ve only met this mother once, but I’d guess her answer would be jut as simple: God. He ordains. He decides. He gives us opportunities, examples, and guidelines. He doesn’t make us go it alone.

So many women choose – often in the name of women’s rights – to abort babies. They have their reasons, but today I challenge you. Consider this woman who decided that this was not her child’s fault. Consider this woman who decided that she would rather raise a beautiful daughter that was conceived in horrible circumstances than allow culture to dictate what is decent.

I’m just asking you to consider.

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