The Friend Trip

Last week I drove 16 hours from North Carolina to Iowa. I didn’t do it alone. A friend rode with me and it was quite fun. We were able to invest in our friendship in a different way because of the time we were able to spend together.

We talked about some important things – our families, work, fears, regrets. We talked about some random stuff – what is that comedians name that has grey hair and is super sarcastic? It was great! Sure, it was long. We got tired. Delusional. We had energy drinks and shared laughs. I would not have traded that car time for anything.

Me and Lindsey taking a selfie in my alma mater's bathroom.

Lindsey and I taking a selfie in my alma mater’s bathroom.

There’s something special about time with friends. Bonding and getting to know another person while enjoying a ride halfway across the country. We got to enjoy (for lack of a better sounding word) the difference of spring time blooming in the south to the cold not-quite-spring tundra of the midwest. We crafted, took pictures, and hung out with family and friends. I got to share a part of my life that I’ve only gotten to share with one other person from NC. My two lives were intertwined in a new way. She got to see a little more of why I am how I am and how I became who I am becoming.

Deepening friendship was not the original purpose of this trip. However, I’m thankful that it turned out to be more than I had expected or planned.


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