Six Months In

Six months into marriage, I’ve made one major realization: I need Jesus.

I love being married. Marriage has made me more dependent on my Father. Marriage has made me love more intentionally. Marriage has made me realize that I know just short of nothing about marriage.

Honeymoon in St. Thomas

Six months ago in St. Thomas

I am a planner. I like to look ahead, analyze everything, and have at least a general plan or idea of how things will look. Because I like those things (and we realized that we needed to learn from those who have gone before us) we did premarital counseling. Not just one session with a pastor, but a few with our pastor and we asked some friends to be our mentors.

We listened to podcasts, read books, and took notes. I felt ready. But even with all that, every day I have to make decisions. Decisions to respect my husband, love him, honor him. I hear people make little side comments putting down their husbands or joking about divorce. I’m told that there is somehow something wrong with me because I refuse to give in to the idea that I need marriage insurance. Instead, I insist that God put us together on purpose and for a purpose.

And in that purpose, I get to enjoy an amazing man. A man who loves God and becomes more like him each day. A man who loves me well.

Six months in, I’m certain that getting married and committing to this man was the best life decision I’ve ever made. I’m so excited to see how the next six go.


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