Not My Thoughts

Sometimes, I fancy myself  brilliant. I had a thought, an insight, and someone was helped, nay, blessed by it. My shared thought made her think in a way that she hadn’t before of the situation. It gave her a little something to do with her thoughts and feelings to get them sorted out.

Do you think me arrogant yet? Prideful? I hope so, because that is precisely the point.

We (I say we but I mean I and I don’t want to be alone on this one) have a tendency to do just that. Great advice was handed to us through another medium and we passed it on to a friend. Of course we can’t remember where that wisdom came from, so it must be our own. Or we share a bit of our personal story so that they know that we’ve been there then give insight into the situation because of our experience. That’s not bad – in and of itself. The problem comes in who gets the glory. Is it you? Is it me? If it’s either of us, then we’re wrong. Completely wrong. Dead wrong.

For the Lord gives wisdom

He gives us wisdom. He gives us insight. When knowledge or understanding come from us, it’s because He allows us and gives to us. The wisdom is to lead her to Christ, not to myself. It’s not about me. I don’t think that I can say that enough. It’s not about me. Thank you, Lord, for giving me wisdom today.


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