Scandal: Do We Praise Adultery?

A few months ago I started watching the show Scandal. The show has so many twists and turns that it’s almost impossible to not want to know what happens the next week. Olivia Pope, the main character, is intelligent, makes quick decisions, and saves people’s lives. Her team is devoted to her completely. They do whatever she says, however she says, whenever she says it. She is likable in the midst of all the political madness, cover-ups, and illegal behavior.

Olivia. Fitz. Mellie.

And tied into all the scandal and madness, Olivia Pope is having an affair with the president of the United States. The show is set up in a way that makes the viewer love their relationship and hate the First Lady. It’s a trap that is easy to fall into. Mellie, the first lady, is fierce. She is selfish and only supports her husband because she wants to be on top too. They’ve had a political marriage and she’s good at smiling and saying the right thing at the right time. The public loves her. But behind the scenes, she’s all about power and helping her husband claw his way to the top.

If you follow on twitter, people love Olivia and Fitz (the president). People love their relationship and cheer for them to work out! But what are they really cheering for? They are cheering for adultery. They are cheering against marriage. They are saying, in essence, that there is a time when it’s okay for someone to cheat on his wife. They are saying that if people are really in “love,” then the “rules” don’t matter.

It’s just a show, but it reveals our hearts. Our reaction to this is only a reflection of real life. Then I have to ask, do we praise adultery? Do we cheer for it when we feel there is a good reason? If the answer is yes, which as a society it very well may be, I think that it’s time to examine our hearts. Turn back to God. And see where He stands on it.

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