Random Act of Boldness

My friend and I run in the mornings. Not every morning, but many of them. Sometimes we walk. This particular day we were walking and I was doing a little emotional vomiting all over her. When out of the corner of my eye, across the street, I saw a girl.

An adorable college-aged girl walking toward UNCG in the same direction as us. We made eye contact for only a second and she began to walk across the street. I slowed down. When she reached us her first words were, “do you know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?”

Taking leaps of faith

Trust and boldness in physical form

My friend and I responded yes enthusiastically and introduced ourselves to our sister. Then this girl, Madison, asked if she could pray for us. We all held hands, in the middle of the sidewalk on a main street and she prayed. Out loud. With strangers. She didn’t know why we were brought together. We didn’t know why we were brought together. Neither my friend nor I thought to ask her if she was involved in ministry (because we both know lots of kids who she could love). Anyway, after praying, she told us to have a good day and glided away happily.

Could you do that? Feel God pushing you in a certain direction and then trust Him completely? Trust Him enough to walk up to strangers that might think that you’re completely crazy and ask them if they know Him? Could I do it?

Praying for boldness in Truth.



“But it’s just one text. But it’s just one kiss. But it’s just one night. But they are my friends. But it was just a joke. But he means well. But…just…”

We all do it. Those little compromises that don’t seem to make a difference.

“But he loves Jesus. But he’s just a friend. But he was raised in the church. But it’s just a few f-bombs and one nude scene. But…just…”

It’s so subtle.

“But it’s just one more time. But I’m free from judgement. But it’s just so normal. But it’s just such a good song. But you know that I still love Jesus. But I just feel so good.”

Every compromise leads to another one – until you stop compromising or you’re in too deep.

“But I don’t know how this happened. But it was just supposed to be that one time. But it was just for fun. But we just aren’t in love anymore. But…just…”

Whether or not you want to believe it, we have an enemy. We are pawns in his games and he tries to fight the Creator of the world.

John 10:10

John 10:10

Every compromise. Every but…just… is playing into his hand. Every time we choose to feed our fleshy, human desires, we are turning from our Lord. Flee from the one who is trying to destroy you, your marriage, your children, your friendships. Go, instead, to the One who provides fullness of life.


Five Minute Friday – Beautiful

I stumbled upon a blog recently that does this thing called “Five Minute Friday.” She gives the topic and people (mostly women but I can’t be certain) write for five minutes about it. So, today I’m going to set the timer, check the topic, and go for it with them!



Beautiful people are all around me. The babies and old ladies get me the most. But really it’s everywhere. I was overwhelmed with beauty at Young Life camp. There is something about standing on the top of a mountain, looking at what God created to realize how special I am. He set His affections on me. He loves me. He made me in His image. You too. And yet we are overwhelmed by nature. If I am overwhelmed by the beauty of nature, than I should realize even more how awesomely I am made. You, my dear friend, were made in His image. Sure, the image is now distorted and my personal failures and sins make it seem even worse. But at the heart, in the deepest, realest, beginning parts He wove us together in our mother’s wombs. We are not mistakes. Those mountains, they are beautiful. You, however, are even more beautiful. You are even more special. You are the reason that God sent Jesus. Because He wants to be reunited with the beautiful you that He created. If you’re walking with Him, see yourself through His eyes. Choose to see the Truth. Don’t let the way the world sees things distort the way that you do. Eyes on the Lord. Enjoy Him, Beautiful.

My Husband On the Side

I didn’t realize how long it had been. But then I looked and realized that my last post was June 3rd! I got sidetracked with life. I went for a week long camp with some of my high school friends through Young Life. I spent a couple days beginning (and catching up with) a television show. It was productive and unproductive. I got in some sweet, sweet time with my man.

Sometimes when I get busy, things get put to the side. Oftentimes people do. More often than I would like to admit – although I’m about to right now – my husband gets that side spot. I know he’s there. He’s important to me. I love him. He’s not going anywhere. So, I need to get all the other things done! I need to meet the friends for lunch and dinner. I need to clean. I need to work. I need to plan. I need to. Need to. Need to.

Do I need to? Do I need to volunteer for this and that when I know that I will only have one night with my husband this week? What do I need more: time with my husband or time with everyone else? I’m not saying that I never need to be around other people. I am saying that we need us time. And that I can’t get so sidetracked with everything else that he ends up last. He’s not last. He’s second.

God first. Husband second. Everyone else.

It’s still a balance for me. I’m a selfish busy-body who is continually learning how to be a good wife. It will happen – through Christ alone.