My Husband On the Side

I didn’t realize how long it had been. But then I looked and realized that my last post was June 3rd! I got sidetracked with life. I went for a week long camp with some of my high school friends through Young Life. I spent a couple days beginning (and catching up with) a television show. It was productive and unproductive. I got in some sweet, sweet time with my man.

Sometimes when I get busy, things get put to the side. Oftentimes people do. More often than I would like to admit – although I’m about to right now – my husband gets that side spot. I know he’s there. He’s important to me. I love him. He’s not going anywhere. So, I need to get all the other things done! I need to meet the friends for lunch and dinner. I need to clean. I need to work. I need to plan. I need to. Need to. Need to.

Do I need to? Do I need to volunteer for this and that when I know that I will only have one night with my husband this week? What do I need more: time with my husband or time with everyone else? I’m not saying that I never need to be around other people. I am saying that we need us time. And that I can’t get so sidetracked with everything else that he ends up last. He’s not last. He’s second.

God first. Husband second. Everyone else.

It’s still a balance for me. I’m a selfish busy-body who is continually learning how to be a good wife. It will happen – through Christ alone.


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