Five Minute Friday – Beautiful

I stumbled upon a blog recently that does this thing called “Five Minute Friday.” She gives the topic and people (mostly women but I can’t be certain) write for five minutes about it. So, today I’m going to set the timer, check the topic, and go for it with them!



Beautiful people are all around me. The babies and old ladies get me the most. But really it’s everywhere. I was overwhelmed with beauty at Young Life camp. There is something about standing on the top of a mountain, looking at what God created to realize how special I am. He set His affections on me. He loves me. He made me in His image. You too. And yet we are overwhelmed by nature. If I am overwhelmed by the beauty of nature, than I should realize even more how awesomely I am made. You, my dear friend, were made in His image. Sure, the image is now distorted and my personal failures and sins make it seem even worse. But at the heart, in the deepest, realest, beginning parts He wove us together in our mother’s wombs. We are not mistakes. Those mountains, they are beautiful. You, however, are even more beautiful. You are even more special. You are the reason that God sent Jesus. Because He wants to be reunited with the beautiful you that He created. If you’re walking with Him, see yourself through His eyes. Choose to see the Truth. Don’t let the way the world sees things distort the way that you do. Eyes on the Lord. Enjoy Him, Beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Beautiful

  1. thanks for the reminder that God sees us as beautiful… that is a hard thing for me to accept a lot of the time, especially in a world that whispers lies about beauty. Great post!

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