My Black Husband

I am a black (African American for those of you who are sensitive to political correctness, but this will be the end of that kind of coddling) woman. My husband is a black man.

Posts about black men – good and bad – or black women, interracial dating, marriage, and the like are all over the internet. You can find something to support whatever opinion you have on the subject. If you think that black men are the scum of the earth, people out there will agree with you. If you think that interracial dating is wrong, people are out there to support that perspective.

I am not one of those people.

During a conversation last weekend, I was reminded of the prevalence of the opinion that people should “stick with their own kind” when it comes to race. Growing up, I dated white and black boys. As an adult, I settled on marrying a black man, but his race was not a deciding factor in my decision.

I’ve heard people use the verse, “do not be unequally yoked” as a support of keeping races separate. Let’s take a moment to look at this verse in context.

2 cor 6.14

It’s not that we shouldn’t marry people of other races, it’s that we shouldn’t marry people who aren’t believers.

gal 3.28

Those who are in Christ are one body. One family.

If my husband were the exact same man, but he was white or Chinese or Mexican, I still would have chosen him. It’s not that the only thing we look at when deciding whether or not to marry someone is their faith, but it’s the first. And the last, sorry to break it to you, is their race. It shouldn’t even be a factor.

What are some other factors we should or shouldn’t consider when deciding who to date or marry?


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