why i don’t care that you’re not happy

I know it’s a little harsh, but your happiness is not by biggest concern. It’s not that I don’t care at all about whether or not you’re happy. Feeling in such a way that would make you describe yourself as happy is nice. But there’s more. And it’s more important than your good feeling. It’s the Truth.

Chasing the happy feeling is used as a reason to tear families apart. Husbands leave because they’ve “fallen in love” with someone else. Wives leave because they don’t “feel appreciated.” Children are shown that if the situation doesn’t work well with what they think they need to feel their best, then it’s okay to do whatever they want to make the feeling come back. We tell people that we love that all we want for them is to be happy.

Well, that’s not what I want most for the people that I love. What I want most for the people I love is for them to know Jesus. Not only know Him, but experience Him. Experience forgiveness. Freedom. Fullness. Joy.


I want them to know the forgiveness that is available. I want them to know the freedom that comes with discipline. I want them to know how it feels to have old friends that care for each other. I want you know the fullness of joy that comes with a close and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I want all the good things in the world for you. That does not mean “following your heart” and doing whatever feels best. It does not mean taking care of number one. It means knowing the One who created the world. The One who is love.

You want to know what love is like without the strings and the qualifications? Know Jesus. He is the only One who loves completely. He doesn’t depend on my happiness. With Jesus, my husband and I don’t have to follow our feelings. We know that there is more. We know that when we are in relationship with Jesus, we can love each other better. We don’t need to feel gooey all the time to be fulfilled in our relationship with each other. We need most and only to know the One who is Love.

What about you? What do you want most for those that you love?


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