the twins are third

Knowing something is so much different from living it. I am preparing – all the ways I know how – to be a mother of twins. I know that the most important things that I must do are love God, clinging to him like never before, and keeping my husband second.

My mind is aware of the concepts. I have been in deep places that have required nothing less than total dependence on my Savior. I’ve not known how I was going to afford my next meal or my rent and seen him be faithful to provide over and over again. Joining a ministry that required a vehicle and money – neither of which I had – and seeing him provide a car and resources to do more than I ever imagined is a reality in my life. I have many stakes in the ground of his faithfulness in my life.

20140515_115400¬†Twins’ first photo

We were married after six years of dating and have struggled through situations that we had not anticipated. God first. My husband second. Not the twins. They will be small and needy and lovely. They will grow and I’ll want to put their needs ahead of his. I can feel it happening already. My thoughts are so much different than they were three months ago. That’s not how it works. That’s not how I’m called to live.

My first priority is my Savior. My second is my husband. The third is my children. The children will have it the best when I keep things in perspective. This isn’t just a concept. It must be practiced and put into place. I’m not completely sure what it will look like, but I’ll be learning.

How do you keep your priorities straight?


Twins are Coming!

Anyone who isn’t my friend on facebook maybe hasn’t heard the news yet, so here it is:


We are pregnant! We are having twins! It’s an exciting new adventure. People’s reactions have been encouraging and made me feel like I have a great community during this time. Today I am 16 weeks. Most of the nausea has subsided and the preparation has begun. We are making lists and getting ready for the newest stage of our lives. So, there it is! There I am. Pregnant. With twins. On our way to forever.