Can You Hear That Little Ones?

Can you hear that little ones?

It’s loud and scary. People are rioting. They are protesting. They are crying out for help. Buildings are being set on fire. Roads are blocked. Picket signs are held high as protesters chant. The news is showing violence. The president rambles. So much devastation. So much confusion. Guns are being fired. People are being arrested. Americans are trying to be heard.

Listen more closely little ones. Can you hear it?

It’s the sound of division. Everyone is taking a side. They are crying out on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. They are arguing and attacking one another. They are forgetting that they are all the human race, because someone else forgot before them.

But listen even more closely. Can you hear it? Lean in little ones. I feel you moving, I know that you can hear it.

It’s the sound of hearts breaking.

Confused, scared hearts that are trying to make sense of the madness. We can’t be sure who is right and who isn’t. We weren’t there when that boy was shot. Or the other one. Or the other one. Or the many others. We live in a place of obvious and devastating brokenness.


You’re about to enter this world, little ones. Right now it’s just a sound, but soon it will be where you must navigate. I pray that we can teach you how to deal with these situations. I pray that you would learn to lean on Jesus. I pray that you would know that He is bigger than the confusion. I pray that the brokenness would not crush you. I pray that your hearts would break for others, but never be crushed. It will lead you astray – I’m praying that your heart will not be your guide. But instead that you would put it in the hands of Jesus. It won’t be easy. You’ll feel the urge to pick a side. You can be sad for others and still filled with joy. You can stand firm on principles and not be hateful. You can picket or not. You can cry or have dry eyes. However you two choose and move, I pray that you follow the only One who can lead you perfectly in this madness.

Honestly, little ones, I’m scared for you. I’m afraid of being responsible for showing you how to navigate this world. Your daddy and I will love you and pray for you and teach you what we know. We’ve been trying to figure this place out for many years. We’ll be less than perfectly guiding you through this. We will lean on the same Jesus that we pray that you will rely on – especially during this kind of insanity.

My dear little babies, still safe inside my womb. I feel you kicking and moving. I know that it’s because you can hear it. But when you are afraid, trust in the Lord.

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