i have a voice

Has someone ever told you something that made you sit back in your chair and think about yourself in a new way? What if two people who don’t know each other and know you from completely different perspectives both said the same thing? That’s what happened to me.

Twice this summer I was told, specifically, that I have a voice. I’ve gone over it in my mind trying to figure out what exactly that means for me. What does it mean that two women who influence my life decided that it was worth telling me that I have a voice? My first thought was that it doesn’t really matter. Everyone has a voice. Every person who can speak or has a laptop and a little free time has something to say. Many of those people share on blogs or in books or on facebook. Then I realized that wasn’t what they meant.

They were telling me that I have something to say and that I should use my voice. Not only do I have one, but that I should say things. That thought made me do a double take. Is that what they meant? Am I reading something into their words that aren’t there? After some time and prayer and thought, I realized that I wasn’t. They were encouraging me to go say what God has put on my heart. Stop being afraid. Stop worrying about people’s opinions. Go and say what He has given me. Share those posts that I’ve written and kept hidden.

So here I am. Listening to God. Listening to a couple wise women. Not being afraid of what you’ll think. Or being afraid and saying it anyway.


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