a little marriage advice

Everyone loves a good advice column. Sometimes we even enjoy a bad advice column because we want to see how badly the train will wreck. So in the light of both of those facts, I thought that I’d jump on the advice bandwagon this week! Enjoy.

Disclaimer: This may or may not be a letter that I wrote just now to respond to.

Hello, JaQuinn,

I see that you have been married for some time. I am a husband and father of two small children. We love Jesus and reading your blog (even though we’d really like posts more frequently). My wife is a wonderful woman who has recently come down with some kind of vile sickness. She has a fever and keeps crying. She wants to sleep but can’t and had to miss work. It’s very unpleasant and I don’t want to get sick or my children to catch whatever it is that she has. My question is, what should I do? Thanks in advance for your vast amounts of wisdom.

Healthy and could be happier


Dear Healthy and Could be happier,

I’m so sorry to hear that your wife is sick. I’m sure that she wishes that she could be kissing those babies and helping around the house. Unfortunately, our bodies are not perfect and sometimes catch disease and sickness. I understand why you wouldn’t want to get sick. You see her laying there looking so pathetic – hair undone, face oozing, coughing and icky. However, is not getting sick the most important part of what happens next? I don’t think so. I think that the most important thing is your sweet wife – who you claim is wonderful – healing. You want her to be healthy!

God has given you an opportunity to serve your wife. He has called us as spouses to humble ourselves before one another. So, here you go! She is humbled because of her sickness. You can serve her in an obvious way. When I’m sick my husband handles it quite well. He brings me freezy pops (because they feel so good on my sore throat). Then he brings me medicine and keeps the babies in the other room until I’m absolutely needed for something. He lets me sleep and binge on Netflix in bed and rest. That’s not to say that’s exactly what you should do, but I think that’s the right direction to be heading.

The purpose of our marriages are to bring glory to God – Soli Deo Gloria! A question to ask yourself when you’re not sure where to begin may be, “how do I give glory to God in this situation?” I think, and I’m sharing because you asked, that you should start with caring for your wife. Show her in a hands-on way that you care for her. When she gets better she’ll be so thankful and ready to get back to her daily duties.

I pray that your wife would be led to love Christ more because of how you care for her in this situation. I pray that your marriage would be one that shows others who Christ is because of the way you serve and love one another.

Grace and peace




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