About Mrs. Fox

If we were sitting at a table together with a fun centerpiece and a white tablecloth, I’d ask you to tell me about yourself. I’d ask how long you’ve been married, if ever. I’d ask where you grew up and the names of your parents and siblings and children and nieces and nephews. I’d want to know your favorite food and color and how you take your coffee. Your birth story couldn’t be too long and I’d laugh and cry with you through the pregnancy stories. I’d want to hear all the things that friends know about one another. I’d want to share in the fullness of your life if only for moments at a time. Because even if we had just met, I’d want to know you. Be your friend. Hear your story. Then I’d answer your questions. Tell you about myself.

Hello, there! I’m JaQuinn. Wife of my hunky hubby. Mama of adorable twin foxes. Daughter of the King of Kings.


I am a recovering perfectionist with the testimony of the prodigal daughter. My Papa loved me out of a pit of destruction and although I sometimes look back, I never want to go back. I’m a black girl with natural hair. My fro doesn’t define me, but it’s hard to miss. I watch dance videos, listen to podcasts, and love slam poetry that glorifies my Savior. Soli Deo Gloria is my soul cry. My deepest desire is to know Him, love Him, and share Him.

My tear ducts leak at random times. I’m often overwhelmed by goodness. God perpetually blows my mind with His faithfulness. My hope for you is to be encouraged. I pray that this would be a place where I proclaim the Lord boldly while edifying His children.

All that to say, Welcome! Grab a cup of coffee (or tea or apple juice or wine) and stay a while. Let’s chat and get to know Jesus. And one another.


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